Benefit spray tan – review


Benefit Cosmetics is a well-known makeup brand – but did you know it offers a lot more than just makeup?! For the past four months i’ve been working at the Benefit Boutique within House of Fraser, Glasgow, on a temp contract. It is the only boutique in Scotland which makes it extra special… it even has a champagne bar! 

You can book in to have your eyebrows waxed and tinted, creating the infamous ‘Benefit Brow’ which is tailored to suit each individual’s face shape. All the brow girls are lovely and always do an amazing job. There are quite a few counters which have brow bars (im sure you have heard of them or probably been to one!) but the boutique in Frasers has a body waxing room and also a room for spray tanning! Now, I am a gal who LOVES being tanned and I was so impressed with the Benefit spray tan I had to share my experience with you.


The tanning formula they use is Vita Liberata and it is non-toxic, organic & moisturising. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about as I had only used gradual tan before. So, I booked in for a full body tan with the same girl who does my eyebrows – Emma. 



I wish I had taken a ‘before’ photo – i’m a wee bronzed goddess! You can opt for a light, medium or dark tan. The one I got was medium and it was perfect for my skin-tone. Emma is a perfectionist. From brow shaping to body waxing and tans, she does every job so well. It dries in seconds which I was very impressed with! When I washed it off, the morning after I got it done, I had no horrible streaks. It was pretty much flawless all over. Even my hands looked good! These tans tend to last for about a week; just keep your skin nice and moisturised.

I always think that I look much healthier when I have a tan. I don’t like being orange but it’s nice having a little glow, especially in winter! I’m already looking forward to my next one. Have you ever had a spray tan at Benefit before? Let me know in the comments! 


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