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hello, hello

back in 2014 when i started this blog i wrote in my ‘about me’ section that this would be a place that i talk about everything i love – a place where i can rant and express all my emotions along with unique fashion/beauty content that people (hopefully) find interesting. But recently I’ve had a real lack of motivation, i’ve been very down and have let this effect my passion for writing and doing what i love!

It’s about time i get back to my normal self and to do that i need to get all these feels off my chest so hwfg…


Sometimes relationships can become mentally draining and if that’s the case it is definitely time to get out. Break-ups are never easy; but they can be the best thing for you, especially if you are feeling like this. At the start of the year myself and my long-term bf split up. It took me some time to come to terms with it. Everything that i was used to changed, a normal day was no longer normal – or what i had been used to for the past 5 years. Someone i spoke to daily, i no longer could and that was tough! 

Everyone told me ‘just keep yourself busy’ or ‘focus on yourself now’ which is good advice but defo easier said than done. So if you’re in this position and a mad over-thinker like me, heres my advice to get you through…

DO NOT social media stalk – the dreaded ‘omg hes followed a girl on insta’ its gonna happen so why annoy yourself by looking?! im guilty of this.. and the first time you see something you don’t like it reaaally hurts, so give it up! chances are you’ve followed some guys anyway

bff therapy sessions (in the pub) – getting drunk with your friends is essential, any time you can, have fun! just don’t text your ex … 

love yo’self – the worst thing you can do is start comparing yourself to other girls. you know you’re fabulous, don’t doubt yourself

chat to new people – i used to love swiping through my friends tinder, so when i got it for real i was like ‘this is pretty weird’ … but it can be fun. go on a few dates! boys like to be funny, so getting chat that makes you smile even when you’re feeling like shit is always good 

it seriously does get easier – everyday, just keep going : )


Amy xxx


One thought on “girl talk

  1. Good article and you’re doing great dealing with yourself.

    And I have this tip too. EXPERIENCE NEW THINGS. It will feel different and new.. no one would want to dwell back in old patterns without new experiences to add new colors in life.

    Best wishes and luck
    Stay motivated


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