Lazy Snow Day & Bar Soba

This is how my Sunday went. I woke up about 10am, ate some left over Indian curry, then watched Workaholics while getting ready. Callum and I had decided to go to Glasgow for a look about the shops, and have some lunch and drinks. I got a quick photo of the view from his house with the snow, before heading for the train. Don’t let the pretty photo deceive you – the only good thing about snow was when you could get a day off of school from it! Yes, it can be pretty to look at for as long as it stays fluffy and white but it soon changes in to slush and is ruining everyones shoes!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


Urban Outfitters is always my favourite shop to visit. Their Home and Gift section has lots of lovely things just now – I spent ages looking at the books and journals too! If you are starting back at Uni/College you should check out their Ohh Deer range for some notebooks etc, they have so many cute and quirky designs!

We then went to the Lighthouse for some lunch, then next door to Bar Soba for drinks. I am now regretting not just going to Bar Soba for lunch as their Katsu Curry is amazing!




We were in Soba for a while, such a nice place for a drink! I hadn’t even heard of it until last year as it’s quite hidden, down a little lane. If you haven’t been before, you have to go and try their cocktails!

Hope you’ve had a relaxed Sunday! This is a bit of a lazy post but I didn’t have anything exciting planned; so thought I would just blog about my day.

Amy x

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