Thoughts for 2016…


The start of a new year.

2015 was so much fun, but went by very, very quickly.. I don’t want years to keep going by this fast! It does not seem like last January I wrote a self-motivational post about the year ahead; and here I am again, writing about what is to come in 2016. Lots of amazing memories were made in 2015. I started January with a fashion internship, learning all about online retail and social media marketing. I went on lots of trips and holidays to places including: Dublin, Inverness, Alton Towers, Lanzarote and my first girls holiday to Nerja. I turned 21, had loads of nights out, bought my own car (Volkswagen Beetle ♡) and also decided to take my blog more seriously, posting at least once a week. BUT along with all the happy memories, there were bound to be some sad times.. I am still not over my little dog dying, and don’t think I will be for a while. Just have to stay positive! : )

I am determined for this year to be a good one, just like 2015, with more good times than bad. It will be a big year for change – I will graduate from uni in July and hopefully find a job I love, doing something creative. Like last year, I have made some goals, instead of resolutions, to keep me motivated.

-Improve my blog. I love writing it, so definitely need to make some more time for it. I would like to do better with it in terms of the number of views and also quality of content.

-Keep a written journal. Just for myself to look back on, it’s a nice thing to have and also gives me somewhere to vent my emotions!

-Save money. I want to buy a camera and also go on a few holidays, so for everything I want to do I need to save, save, save!

-Get a puppy. It won’t make me get over losing Belle, but will certainly help the situation. I miss having a little friend about the house!

These are just some of the things I hope to do or achieve this year, but I’m sure I’ll keep you all updated along the way. Have you set yourself any goals for 2016? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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