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I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! This year I went to a house party and it was so good. I was dressed as Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad! Not many people seemed to know who I was but according to Teen Vogue, Harley Quinn was the most googled halloween costume this year – crazy!

But now Halloween is out of the way and we’re in November it is officially winter! I have been looking on Missguided for some winter outfit inspiration. I am LOVING all of these looks. As always, they feature a lot of dark colours but who doesn’t love black?! The first and fifth are my favourites. There’s always something attractive about over-sized jumpers and cardigans!

All items are linked…

gilet and tshirt - missguided basic beanie - missguided oxblood bomber - missguided

long dress and fine knit cardigan - missguided dress and cardigan - missguided tan tassle boots - missguided

Once I start looking on Missguided I can’t stop! So many nice things. I cannot wait to start filling up my wardrobe with these winter favourites!

Amy x

Instagram – amyraeside

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