Hair and Makeup Inspiration | NYFW SS16

As we’re edging in to winter, who is excited for next summer already?? I know I am after having a look at some shows from NYFW! We all know that the main focus is on clothes but of course hair and makeup trends are important too! All hairstyles are fresh and laid-back. Loose ponytails, natural waves and textured, messy knots .. all simple, yet made to look beautiful! In terms of makeup, I was so happy to see bronzed and warm tones making an appearance as they suit my skin type. Sun-kissed skin is what I love! Not so sure how I feel about the emphasis on turquoise eyes… but it may grow on me. Has anyone else been keeping up with Fashion Week?


JPackham007-vogue-14sep15-JamesCochrane_b_592x888 DVF_716_ss16_592x888

_A2X0705_592x888 Oscar-De-La-Renta001-vogue-16sep15-james-cochrane-b_592x888

Amy x

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