Reasons I am a Terrible Fashion Blogger


Sorry for my lack of posts this week! I spent three days in Inverness visiting my friend Jess, then I was working 5 long days and getting organised for my friend’s 21st which was last night – it takes a lot of preparation for a girl! I realise that I haven’t written an outfit post in a couple of weeks, so I decided to let my readers know some reasons why I am a terrible fashion blogger. Joking of course… but also slightly true. 

1) I wear boring clothes. I wear ordinary clothes just like everyone else, they’re not particularly special! However, I do like to show you when I get some new things! I also like to  like to write posts which are more tips or advice about fashion.

2) I spend too much money on takeaways to buy new clothes. A massive chunk of my wages goes on snacks, the rest I try to put away for my holiday and that leaves me with hardly anything to buy new clothes. This is a major problem over summer as I don’t have my student loan… cannot wait to get it back in September!

3) When I do have a good outfit, I don’t have someone to take any photos. Fashion blog photos just don’t look as good when its a mirror selfie!

4) I need a personal stylist. I love going shopping, buying new clothes and even reading all about latest trends but I am the worst person ever for putting outfits together! Whenever I go shopping I end up just buying a random mix of clothes and nothing matches… If someone could help me put outfits together that would be great.

5) I love comfy clothes and lazy days. Some days I just don’t bother getting changed in to normal clothes. I love my Superdry shorts, leggings and baggy sweatshirts when I know I don’t need to leave the house!

6) When I try write a fashion related post on something a bit different, it gets ruined! For example, last week I was going to write a post about an outfit for a countryside walk … when I ended up ankle deep in mud and ruined my Vans. Not good!

That’s my moaning out of the way! However, hopefully all of this will change in the next month or so when something exciting will be happening with my blog… can’t wait to feel like a proper blogger, that’s all I’m saying! : )

Amy x

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