I have a degree!!

Last week I finally got my exam results for uni after what felt like an eternity… but I am sooo happy with my grades! I was surprised I had done so well! I now have a BA degree in International Fashion Branding and I will go on to do my Honours year in September. One aspect of my course which I chose as an option last year and loved was CAD (Computer Aided Design) Fashion. This module is all about design, development and presentation. We had to come up with a sub-brand for an existing fashion retailer – this meant designing a logo and deciding on a mood/theme for the range of clothing it would sell. We then had to show our development, along with promotional materials for this new brand and finally, write up a design-log and critical appraisal.

I decided I wanted to create a range for H&M which focused on “festival inspired fashion”. I got a lot of ideas from WGSN which helped me decide on a colour palette for the project; Pinterest also gave me great images to focus on throughout! All of my work had to be submitted by USB, however 3 main boards were to be printed out… sorry for the bad quality pictures!

Logo for Spirit


FullSizeRender (1)
First Promotional Materials Board


Second Promotional Materials Board
Second Promotional Materials Board

They don’t look like much, but every image has been manipulated in some sort of way (Obviously had to include Mille Mac as a model). The first board displays the logo for my brand in different ways including on a website header and packaging. The second board shows examples of social media promotion I would use and the last board is a point-of-sale leaflet.

I got a good mark for this module and I am so pleased! I have chosen to do Applied CAD as one of my fourth year modules, so I can’t wait for that! Wish I could show everyone more in-depth what I did but the uni still has my work. Has anyone else done this type of subject?? Let me know in the comments! : )

Amy x

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