DIY Cage Bra

A step forward from last year’s trend of crochet bra tops is intricately-cut, structured or caged bra tops. A lot of celebrities have been wearing this look and it was particularly popular at this year’s Coachella festival. The look can be very simple – with minimal straps which are just shown over your top; Or very detailed where the straps make a statement against what you wear it with.

Coachella Inspiration
Coachella Inspiration

I decided to have a go at making my own cage style bra as I already had what is needed and knew exactly how I wanted it to look – similar to a photo of one I had seen a model wearing. I wanted a simple style as I will just wear it to add some detail to an outfit. All you need is:

a plain bra

a roll of flat elastic (cut-up old bra straps will do)

a metal ring from an old bra


needle and thread

Its very easy! You just have to decide how you want it to look / where you want straps to be; measure and cut the elastic to size. I’m sure this would be a lot easier for people with sewing machines but a needle and thread is fine! Firstly, I attached all three bits of elastic to the metal ring by looping and then sewing in place. I then sewed the smallest bit of elastic to the middle of my bra and the larger two to the straps – sewing behind existing material as you don’t want it to look messy!

cage bra 2



Hope you like it! I would wear this one with a low-cut top or dress however I am going to try making some different styles which will keep me busy over summer!

Amy x

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