Mother’s Day

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This mother’s day I decided to get a few little things that when put together would make a great, easy-to-do present. I liked the idea of a pamper basket but I always end up getting her bath stuff, so I thought this was a bit different. I used a wicker basket, which I got bath bombs in for Christmas, and put some pink tissue paper on the bottom. I then just put in a few things which I knew would make my mum happy!

cute box of chocolates



bottle of white wine

It’s very simple but this just makes it a bit different from a present in a gift bag! The candle I got is from The Range, i’ve came to love this shop as it sells absolutely everything! I thought it added some nice detail. Sadly, my mum was working but I gave her it when she got in at night – she loved it! She’s always there for me and I love her very much, best mumma ever! : )

This would make a great present for anyone – just change up what you put in and it will suit everyone’s tastes. You could wrap it in some cellophane, then put a bow on it and it would make a very cute gift! It’s the kind of thing I would love anyway!

Amy x

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