20 Facts About Me


I’ve had my blog for nearly 1 year now and I still haven’t done this type of post, so it’s about time I shared some facts with you! I’ll try and make it as interesting as I can…

1) My name is just plain and boring, I have no middle names!

2) I am about 5ft 7! I used to think I was much taller and hated it, but recently im beginning to like it. Tall is good yay!

3) My birthday is 18th September and I’m going to be 21 this year.

4) I don’t have a job just now since I moved home from Glasgow, but shouldn’t be for long …

5) I started this blog for something to do in my spare time. It also gives me something to work towards and has been great for my CV (recent job interviews I have been to have commented on it) , especially as I’m trying to get in to the fashion industry.

6) Favourite colour is purple! Black for clothing.

7) I am sooo scared of snakes. Even the thought of them freaks me out and I can’t go to Pets at Home because I know they have them.

8) I have never broken a bone…touch wood!

9) I 100% want a nose job when I can afford it.

10) I have a big brother and sister, 3 nephews and a niece. I am a God Mother to my nephew Cameron.

11) I am a rubbish cook! I can make cakes and that’s about it. Wraps with plain chicken and nandos sauce is my speciality… not very difficult!

12) I drive a Ford Focus and I really want a pink or purple Beetle!

13) Dog person. Hate cats.

14) Mexican food is my all time favourite! Have been a Pinto loyalist for 3 years since I first heard of it, Amazing!

15) i LOVE horror films.. nothing better than the Saw films.

16) On friday I’ll have been with Callum for 5 years, crazy how fast time goes!

17) Some of my fav celebrities are…. Russell Brand, Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Pete Doherty, Millie Mackintosh and Ansel Elgort. Could name so many more, just find parts of their lives so interesting.

18) Once I get to know you I could talk for hours, but I am a much better listener – I pick up on everything!!

19) New York doesn’t appeal to me much, would much rather go to California! I love being in the sun and sunbathing!

20) I eventually want to be rich and have my own little clothing boutique.

Hope I didn’t bore you too much and you know a little bit more about me! Thanks for reading and please follow my posts! : )

Amy x

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