February Favourites


I can’t believe March is here again, it doesn’t seem long at all since I was stuffing my face at Christmas! This week I thought i’d share with you some things I was loving throughout the month of February. I would have included a lot more make-up related things but I shall save that for another post! Along with fashion items, I haven’t bought much recently. Think i’m holding off for the better weather, I don’t wanna buy any more jumpers!

Asda candles – A way back in October I bought a few of these jar candles from asda. They have a few colours but I got purple and white. I’m the kind of person that if a candle looks nice I refuse to burn it – decoration candles? But in February I finally gave up and had to burn them, was a waste not to really when I can just get more of them for so cheap! As well as looking good they smell amazing!!

Soap & Glory Body Butter – I had never tried Soap & Glory until I got a set for Christmas last year. I have really sensitive skin so hate trying new shower gels / lotions etc in case I come out in a rash (the skin around my eyes goes red, it’s really not nice)!! But I went for it and i’m not allergic to this yay!! Which is surprising because all the products have such strong scents! This body butter is amazing though, makes your skin super-soft and hydrated. Been using it after every shower and I need to get some more! : )

SensatioNail Gel Nail Kit – For Christmas I got this gel nail kit and I think i’m finally getting the hang of it! It comes with everything you need including the UV Lamp and even cotton pads! I ordered a few gel colours from amazon, they’re about £5 each but that’s cheaper than Boots which is £15 – no thank you!! I absolutely love it, my nails haven’t chipped once. They last about 7 days, probably longer but I just love changing the colour.

Neutrogena Lip Balm – I constantly bite my lips, I do it without even thinking so they end up dry and cracked. I always have a lip balm and I normally just buy any one but I am loving this Neutrogena one that I got recently! Tastes amazing and works really well.

That’s a few of my February favourites! Are there any products you have been loving recently? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

5 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. The smell of the Righteous Butter is to die for! I got it this month along with the Clean On Me shower gel that was in my favorites so we match haha! I love asda candles – I never like to spend too much on candles because I like to burn them all the time so it would be wasted on me, lovely post! x

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