Real Techniques // Zoeva


I decided I would post about what makeup brushes I use everyday. This is just a really basic post but I will do another about which products I use another time.

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This is just an example of where I am going for a simple look, however it varies day to day! When I apply my foundation, I pour it on to the back of my hand and, using my Real Techniques expert face brush, buff it all over my face and neck. I used to use the Real Techniques flat foundation brush but I just feel this one does the job so much better. It is no effort at all and applies flawlessly! Its also really soft and fluffy! These brushes last for agessss, I had my first one for about a year until I decided to change! When you wash them they dont become damaged at all, they’re as good as new.

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The smaller headed brush (left) is what I use to apply bronzer and countour my face. I like the size of it, I find if bronzer brushes are too big you can end up looking orange! The brush on the right I use to apply blusher. Ive had it for about a year too and does the job nicely! Theyre both just from Boots and weren’t expensive at all.

I have looked in to getting the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set… but for Β£50 I dont know if I can justify buying it yet. But theyre just so pretty and ive heard amazing reviews! I suppose theyll last a long time too!

Let me know if you use Zoeva brushes and what you think of them, or if you use another kind that you would recommend! Thanks for reading!

amy x

2 thoughts on “Real Techniques // Zoeva

  1. I heard so many good things about the Zoeva brushes – I really want to get them but here in Canada with the conversion, they are so expensive! I might ask them for my birthday gift πŸ™‚ You are so gorgeous by the way! ❀


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