New Year & Beginnings

I’ve not posted since December so Happy New Year everyone! It seems strange to say, when for a lot of people it has been far from a happy time. With the tragedy of the bin lorry crash in Glasgow last month and more recently the events in Paris, I think everyone spared a few moments thoughts for everyone involved and their families. I just find it crazy how fast life can change in a matter of months, matter of days or even seconds. It scares me really! Recently I’ve experienced a few people passing away that’s been close to myself or family and has made me realise the importance of “live every day like your last”. I’ve never really thought about it much before now but seeing how a death can affect everyone around you and the sadness it brings makes you think about things differently.

So… a new year and new chapter. I decided to come up with some goals rather than resolutions to stick to!

1) Just smile. No matter how you’re feeling or whatever is bringing you down just take a moment and smile. Of course everyone will have times when they’re sad but it’s ok not to be ok.

2) Worry less. I am sooo bad for worrying about things that are either out of my control or nothing to worry about at all! So, when thinking about it like that – what is the point in worrying?

3) Drink more water. Its definitely important to keep yourself healthy, something I’ve not been good at over the past few months! Late nights and rubbish food has definitely taken its toll on my skin and probably my mood too!

4) Leave my phone alone!!! All my friends will know I’m addicted to my phone and particularly Instagram and Twitter but why?!? I sometimes find myself scrolling through them and not even paying attention, it’s just habit now! So I’m going to try use it less… Still going to take lots of photos though! (That’s allowed right?)

5) Do what you want. Yep, just do what you want! I don’t mean go wild, leave uni or quit your job. But if something is making you unhappy, change it! I keep thinking surely we’re not just here to go to school/uni and find a boring job … Instead, save money, do exciting things, find a job you love, travel and always laugh and be happy – just do what makes you feel good!

I know this post is a bit different from my normal ones but just had to share my thoughts. I hope you can take away some ideas for goals for 2015!

Amy x

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