Christmas Tag


Yay it’s finally December!! As much as I love summer time, Christmas makes me so happy too; i’m like a big kid! I just find the whole month so exciting – the build up to Christmas day, spending lots of time with your friends and family, cosy nights in, wrapped-up nights out, hot chocolate, ice skating, new years eve and lastly.. lots of drinking and FOOOD!!

I was asked to do this tag by one of my readers, Jasmine, so here it goes…

Are your Christmas decorations up? If not, when are you putting them up?

Noooo, I hate putting them up too early! Usually about two weeks before Christmas.

What’s at the top of your Christmas list?

Ok so i’m getting a bit old for Christmas lists.. I haven’t asked for anything in particular this year but I have hinted at a gel nail kit – hope I get one, they’re so cool!

Do you have an advent calendar?

Of course I do! A Hello Kitty one, cute!

Have you bought all your Christmas presents or do you leave them all last minute to buy?

I started a couple of weeks ago but still have a few things to get! My niece and nephews were priority this year.. and obviously my little dog!

Favourite Christmas film(s)?

Ohh there’s so many!! Every year I have to watch Christmas with the Kranks, it’s just tradition! Love Miracle on 34th Street too.

Have you tried the Costa Christmas range?

Yeah love Costa and Starbucks Christmas drinks, can’t go wrong with gingerbread lattes.. ever.

Favourite Christmas scent?

Spiced apple/cinnamon candles mmmm.

Do you wish for a White Christmas?

Nope, nope, nope! HATE snow… yes, it’s nice to look at I suppose, but I do not like being out in it  – swear i’m a walking target for snowballs. Oh and slush.. ew.

Typical Christmas meal?

Turkey and awwww da trimmings.

What tops your Christmas tree?

Has to be a sparkly star.

Admit it : Do you own a cringey Christmas jumper?

Nope unfortunately not.. maybe someone will buy me one!

Do you have any traditions all throughout December before Christmas day?

Not really, just like to visit lots of people like family I don’t get to see often. Always swap presents with my friends too, that’s always fun! Oh and obviously the pub on Christmas eve!!

There you go.. my first tag, done! I don’t know who to tag… so just anyone that reads this feel free to do it too and tag me so I can see! Hope you enjoyed reading!

Amy x

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