Life Update

Finallyyy I am getting round to updating my blog yay! I hope everyone has had an amazing summer, seems to go by so quick and now we’re back in to autumn and the cold weather, boo. SO much has been happening i’ve just not had the time to blog but I am so excited to get back in to it!! Tonight I thought it would be the perfect time to give everyone a quick update of what’s been happening in my life! .. (not very interesting)

At the end of August my boyfriend and I moved into our first flat in Glasgow, Merchant City. It’s a perfect, little homely tenement flat in the city centre just a 15 minute walk from my university. As it’s only a half hour train back home I settled in really quickly as I know I can go back and visit my friends and family at any time. Just feels good to have my own wee place.

Moving up to Glasgow meant I would have to find a job there and leave the coffee shop I was already working in back home. As the moving date got closer I was starting to really worry so I was applying for loads and loads of jobs.. all retail as I knew that I would need experience for the course I am doing at uni and also because it’s what I would love. I applied for John Lewis and I got the job, I start on 19th October and I cannot wait! In menswear over the Christmas period, it’s gonna be hectic but so glad I will have this for my CV.

Lastly, I have been back home a lot in the past couple of weeks as it was my birthday, then my mums, then my brother’s wife had a baby – Cameron, who I am an Aunty and Godmother too. I love him so much already!

My little flat.

Well I think I have rambled on enough, just a little insight to my life just now. If you would like to follow me on instagram or twitter the links are on the right hand side. Back to my regular posts as of next week!

Amy x

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