Summer To-Do List

All I can say is… it is officially SUMMER ! (even if the weather doesn’t agree)… I have had my Uni results and I can relax until September as I have passed all my modules. Hoping that the weather picks up,  I plan to do a lot over the next few months. So I thought I would share with you a list of things which I have already planned and some things that I want to do… Like a Summer to-do list:

–          holiday in Barcelona

–          visit Nou Camp

–          go to the zoo

–          swim in the sea

–          experience the icebar

–          have a picnic

–          throw a party

–          take lots of photos

–          sunbathe

–          go to a theme park, Alton Towers anyone?!

–          T in the Park (Sunday)

–          visit Blair Drummond

–          day out in Edinburgh

–          buy lots of new clothes – give old to charity

–          have lots of days/nights with the girls

–          go cycles (might need to buy a bike..)

–          change hair colour

–          make cocktails

–          go on a last minute trip/weekend away

–          keep updating blog

–          move up to Glasgow for going back to uni

–          have more days out with my mum and dad

–          eat healthier , become fitter & be HAPPY

Ok, so a lot of random things but they can all easily be done. No point working all summer for nothing – squeeze in some fun!! Three and a half months left until uni starts again so might as well make the most of it.

 photo 4

Amy x

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