Blonde Hair Essential

For the past two(ish) years I have had my hair blonde. It was a long process as I’d been red before and getting away from that colour takes forever – it really sticks to your hair!! So, gradually my hair dresser had been building up foils of ash blonde on top of my dark hair and I finally got to a colour I was happy with. I love being blonde, though I really don’t suit being too blonde due to my dark features. Recently I have been getting a mixture of brunette and blonde highlights to look more natural… nobody with dark eyebrows suits platinum blonde hair so I thought this was a good thing to do.

It was my hairdresser who first told me about toners… they break down any brassy colours which build up in your hair and restore a healthy looking blonde. There is nothing I hate more than my hair starting to look yellowy / gingery so for me a toner is a must-have!! I use Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes shampoo as it can be used on completely bleached or just highlighted hair. I have used cheaper ones in the past but I do not think that they work as well as this one. It cost me £6.99 from boots and it last for ages. I only use it once every couple of weeks as it works so well – it’s like having your hair freshly done.

photo 2 (4)

photo 1 (3)

 I usually shampoo with my ordinary shampoo first, then use the Bleach Blondes toner and keep it on for five minutes. It doesn’t say on the bottle how long to leave it on for, it just says not to leave it on for “too long”… everyone could be different but for me five minutes is enough time for it to work. Condition as normal and you’re done!

Anyone who has lightened their hair and finds that it quickly goes dull or gingery, definitely give this a try. Quick, easy and you will definitely notice a difference!

Amy x

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