Countdown To Summer

The weather just now has been awful; it’s just depressing even looking outside , though for a lot of you there is a summer holiday / getaway to look forward to! So this week I decided i’ll try and brighten your day with some summery clothes and outfit ideas, you can never be too organised!

My friends are going to be all over the place in the next few months from Australia and America to Tenerife and Ibiza…i’m only going away for a few days but i’m so excited already and have started buying clothes. I’m going to Barcelona and it’s not really going to be a beach holiday – more for shopping, eating and drinking out.

I was recently in Primark, (I only go every so often because I never really see stuff I like – but I do love a bargain!) and picked up a couple of pieces which stood out to me. First one was a tribal crop top which I really like the colours on. So easy to pull off on holiday with high-waisted shorts and a chunky necklace. I’d wear it here too, but really want a vintage looking denim jacket to go with it.. I think that would be pretty cool!

Secondly, I was amazed when I seen these blue shorts as they are near identical to a print used by Motel Rocks and these were only £10! Worn with a plain tshirt and you’re sorted!

photo 1

photo 2 (2)

I also ordered a “cold shoulder” dress from Motel Rocks, I just love it’s summery print and think it will go with my holographic granny shoes which I am so excited to wear with it!!

 photo 3

These are just a few of the items which I have collected so far but I will keep you updated of anything I find which I think is worth blogging about.

Amy x

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