Perfect That Pout !

I have this problem that whenever I do my make-up I think I look reallyyy strange if I don’t have lipstick on… might just be cos i’m so used to wearing it now, but I defo wouldn’t go without it. I feel it makes me look normal!

I never wear really noticeable or drastic lipstick unless i’m going on a night out, so usually most days I wear Rimmel Kate Moss collection shade no.08.

 photo (3)

I love this shade.. i’d say it’s a peachy brown colour, just a bit darker than my actual lips. It’s very neutral so will go with anything I wear – I think that it just completes my make-up. I like all of the Kate Moss lipsticks as they last for ages! You don’t need to keep reapplying them like i’ve found with some MAC lipsticks, though I do like MAC for their choice of colours. I’ve been buying them for nearly 2 years now, you can’t go wrong with them!

Amy x

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