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I have been waiting for ages for this to arrive , well since last Monday! I’ve been looking for something different to do to my hair, it seems so boring these days, but didn’t want to be too drastic and dye it. I’d heard of hair chalk and never really thought anything of it but after watching videos of it being applied on Youtube I thought I would give it a go.

I went on eBay and seen that they were only £3.50 each so I ordered 3 colours – pink, fuchsia and purple… So, they arrived today and I was desperate to try them out so I quickly put them in my hair before work at 12 and they are still in my hair right now, it lasts for ages!!

It says on the pack to dampen your hair, apply the chalk then seal with heat e.g. curlers. I used heat protection spray instead of water… don’t think it really makes much difference but if you’re using heat you might as well  use the spray. It goes on so well but with curling / brushing it comes off a bit, but I think it still looks as good. What I didn’t pay attention to was my hands. Please, please, please if you are going to do this wear gloves ( like ones you dye your hair with ) or something. The chalky powder gets everywhere, was all over my face and bathroom sink in the end because I never wore gloves. It does wash off but it’s just a pain!

Over all I’d recommend them if you want to do something a bit different and funky with your hair as it’s so easy to do. I just searched for ‘Hair Chalk’ on eBay and loads came up, I don’t know what specific brand I have but there are loads of colours. Defo going to buy more, it’s fun for summer!

Amy x

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