Hair Must-Have

I was really unsure what to write about for my first post, so I have been putting it off and being lazy! I realised that recently so many people have been commenting on the condition of my hair and how long it’s getting – so I decided it would be a good idea to let everyone know my secret!

Last September I got micro-ring extensions put in for my birthday and I loved them. They matched the colour of my own hair perfectly and they looked great when styled. However, the only downfall I found was washing and drying them was a nightmare! They took 45minutes to blow-dry every time I washed them and I was just getting fed up, it was such a hassle. I got them removed in December after having them for 12 weeks. My hair had grown quite a bit since having them in which I loved, although it seemed so thin compared to what it used to be. I needed something to make it fee thick and healthy again and also to make it grow.

photo (1)

I came across Lee Stafford products while reading a blog at the start of the year and decided to try them out. My favourite one that I ordered is called “Hair Growth Treatment” … I didn’t really believe it would work at first, but there has been such a difference in my hair! You put it on after shampooing and leave it in for 5 minutes, wash out, then condition as normal. The jar costs £7.99 from Boots and lasts for about 10 washes… I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to grow their hair – helps growth, nourishes your hair and it smells amazing!!

Amy x

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